Current Officers

Officers are elected every six months. The club officers for the July 2029 to December 2020 term are:

Club President: Lucas Stidham


Vice President of Education: PDuff


Vice President of Membership: Ava

VP, Public Relations: Louis Ortega


Secretary: Ronaldo Diaz







Treasurer: Mo Hassanpour


Sergeant at Arms: Miguel


Immediate Past President: Ashish

Officers Roles:

A brief explanation of the Officer roles in our Toastmasters Club. The term of office is 6 months.

The President serves as the Club’s Chief executive officer, responsible for general supervision and operation of the Club. The President presides at Club meetings and directs the Club in a way which meets the educational growth and leadership needs of members.

Vice President, Education
The Vice President, Education ensures that members proceed towards their public speaking goals, and ensures that speaking roles are filled at every meeting.

Vice President, Membership
The Vice President, Membership helps bring new members into the club, and orients new members who sign up.

Vice President, Public Relations
The Vice President, Public Relations spreads the word about our club, and lets other people know about the learning opportunity we present.

The Secretary keeps all the correspondence and records of the club. The secretary files copies of meeting agendas, as proposed, and actual, plus minutes of any club business discussed at a club meeting.

The Treasurer plans a budget for the club, keeps club financial records and takes care of the club bank account.

Sergeant at Arms
The Sergeant at Arms ensures a pleasant environment for our club’s meetings, by arranging a meeting room, setting it up beforehand, and greeting people as they enter. The Sergeant at Arms also chairs the Social and Reception committee.