The Toastmasters Experience

Are you wondering what goes on at a Toastmasters meeting? What you will learn? Whether or not you have to give a speech? Watch this video  to learn more about what happens each week at a Toastmasters meeting and how the experience can benefit you.Click Here

Toastmasters Meeting Roles

The following functionaries help the Toastmasters meeting run smoothly. Each role is filled by a different person each meeting.

The Toastmaster has the key role the meeting. The primary duty of the Toastmaster is to ensure a well-run meeting and smooth transitions between program participants. The Toastmaster chooses a theme, sets the agenda, publishes same, and ensures that everyone is available to meet their speaking assignments.

Table Topics Master
The Table Topics Master asks thought provoking questions on a topic of general interest. Then calls upon members to deliver a one to two minute speech answering the question.

General Evaluator
The General Evaluator presides over the evaluations of the formal speeches, and offers an evaluation of the entire meeting as a whole.

Ah Counter
The Ah Counter listens for and reports on the use of filler words such as “Ah”, “um”, “you know,” “so,” etc.

The Grammarian listens for and records grammatical errors and reports at the end of the meeting. and also selects the word of the day.

Gesture Monitor
The Gesture Monitor watches our use of body language and expression, highlighting exceptional use of gestures and pointing out distracting or repetitive gestures we may not be away of.

The Timer times Table Topics and Formal Speeches to make sure that each runs in the allotted time.

The Awardsmaster counts votes for the best speakers in each program segment, and awards ribbons to the winners at the end of the meeting.